About Us

What We Do

PDREC staff provide a safe and respectful environment for BME clients to enable them to feel that they are listened to and believed, so that they can have a voice and to say what they want about their experiences.

PDREC provides advocacy, advice, information and support services for BME people and others who have been victims/witnesses of racial/religious hate crime incidents, abuse, discrimination or prejudice.

PDREC also deals with a huge variety of issues that affect the lives of BME people in our locality. Issues that we address include domestic violence, safeguarding, housing, health, isolation, unemployment, poverty and destitution, identity and education.

Past, Present & Future


lymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council are the result of a merger in 2010 of the Plymouth REC and the Devon REC. PDREC is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 18 August 1999 and registered as a charity on 10 February 2004.


The charity’s purpose is twofold:

1. to work towards the elimination of racial discrimination

2. and to promote equality of opportunity, and good relations, between persons of different racial groups.

PDREC employs 6 staff who are supported by many more volunteers assisting with training, awareness raising events and activities. PDREC’s Board of Trustees meet monthly.



Brexit, Trump, the rise of the far right, increasing hostility towards ‘immigrants’ fuelled by our government’s deliberately divisive anti-immigration rhetoric, the mobilisation of young people and the power of social media all conspire to put racial integration and in particular our service, in ever changing times. This turbulent landscape requires us more than ever, to articulate a positive message.

PDREC has a strong and positive reputation. However, we must work hard to continue to build on this and the impact we need to have. The disbanding of the Racial Equality Commission means that there is no longer a national network and many local authority organisations have disappeared due to politics and austerity. This makes our role ever more vital and we continue to stand tall and fight to make a difference in Devon.


  • To reduce levels of racial discrimination and harassment within Devon

  • To educate the wider population on issues around racism and prejudice

  • To support and integrate refugees into the local community


  • Casework

  • Victim care

  • Supporting BAME community groups